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K-12 Tutoring in Surrey, BC

The Profectus Way

Profectus Learning provides tutoring to students from grades K-12 in Surrey, BC. Students learn at their own pace with customized learning plans ensuring the best results. To make it easier for parents we only charge month to month and our first session is free.  Let us help pave your child's road to success!

Students recieving tutoring

At Profectus our physics, chemistry, and biology tutors teach students everything from biomes to organic chemistry to human biology.

Understanding the content of a  reading is a task made easy for our students. At Profectus our English tutors  make it easy to learn all the fun things a story has to offer. 

Let's jump in and enjoy!

Not only do we emphasize the importance of good grammar, we also teach our students the importance of imagination and creativity!

Math is one of those subjects that's either a hit or miss. Here at Profectus our math tutors make sure to not only teach our students the formulas and concepts, but also gain some appreciation for math

Profectus at a Glance

 Small class sizes and affordable prices matched with passionate tutors creates the perfect environment for students to learn and excel. At our tutoring centre we have the latest technology to help assist students with their learning. Not only do we provide tutoring in all subjects, but we try to create an environment where students can talk freely and enjoy learning. In addition we provide in-home tutoring as well and have recently started a program for low-income families.

Students recieving tutoring
Math tutor
Tutor help student in math and English
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